EXAGON is an investment company devoted to comprehensive cryptocurrency risk management.

John Zwick


John oversees Exagon managed accounts. Prior to founding Exagon LLC, John worked for Tim Enneking’s hedge fund, Crypto Currency Fund (CCF), which won numerous awards including being ranked in the top 10 for in-class performance 5 out of 8 years of its history.

John spoke at the first global Bitcoin Conference “Bitcoin 2013: The Future of Payments” in San Jose, California and worked at OEMs of dedicated Bitcoin ASICs (specialized supercomputers), including as the seventh employee at the first Bitcoin company to receive venture capital funding (2011). He first became intrigued by Bitcoin when the computation power of mining chips first exceeded the combined capabilities of the top 500 supercomputers, illustrating the efficiency of decentralized incentives.

After recognizing the power of the Blockchain, John founded one of the first Bitcoin focused investment companies before joining the Crypto Currency Fund (CCF) as its alternative investment expert. CCF was the first regulated and actively traded crypto-currency hedge fund and John grew the organization, recruiting new traders and researchers, and also managing mining operations.

John graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in Economics and from Phillips Exeter Academy (2010), Cum Laude. He was the first student to pay for tuition in Bitcoin. He resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Bruce Richardson


Bruce Richardson was one of the most highly trained soldiers in the US Army as an airborne, ranger, artillery officer. He is a Wharton MBA, a former CPA with KPMG and former CFO with Quadion Corporation. With the executive team the company was sold for over $100 million.

He served for 16 years on the St. Louis Park school board and for 10 years on the Association of Metropolitan School Districts board where he served as chair of the Executive and Legislative committees. He continues to serve on the St. Louis Park Public Schools Foundation board and on the board of the Veterans Defense Project. He is a facilitator for “Echoes of War” and Veterans Voices discussion groups at the Minnesota Humanities Center.

He does organizational work for the Minnesota Student Leadership Seminar and consults on leadership, finance and strategy for RSI Consulting. He and his wife Audrey live in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

Christopher Xiao


Christopher advises on FX strategy. Christopher was previously the head strategist for Bank of America on their currency options desk. He is a forerunner of thought leadership in foreign exchange rate market volatility and risk analysis. As a trader he consistently generated positive P&L on a monthly basis managing positions by utilizing comprehensive fundamental and technical analysis, while observing sound risk-management principles.

Christopher covered FX options for BofA where he acted as market maker in G10 vanilla options before becoming BofA’s Chief FX Options Strategist. Christopher managed the banks weekly publication of the flagship FX volatility research report which highlights shifting macro trends and trading opportunities in FX options.

Christopher has been cited in the Financial Times, Barron’s, Business Insider, and other financial publications. Christopher advises Exagon on its price targeting and trend following strategies in cryptocurrencies based on his macroeconomic understanding of G10 FX markets and substantial trading experience. In his spare time Chirstopher is an avid pianist and sports enthusiast. He resides in New York City.

Disclaimer:   This is not to be construed as a solicitation for offers to buy financial products or services. There are no guarantees of future performance.

Exagon LLC manages SMAs for qualified clients with a minimum investment of $500,000.00 USD. Qualified purchasers only. Contact us at info@exagonfund.com.

Our Philosophy


You deserve to know how your money is being invested. We’ll provide clear explanations and we can compare our fund’s impact on your portfolio against other indexes or benchmarks. You will always feel confident about the security of your portfolio and our thought process behind our asset allocation strategy.


We reduce risk for investors by using a correlation hedged portfolio and mining hardware to dollar cost average into positions through power consumption. Our goal is to minimize timing execution risk and overall portfolio variance of our managed cryptocurrency positions while responsibly positioning investors for significant upside.


We are banking on the decentralization of Block Chain technology to provide alternative growth that is uniquely uncorrelated to the turbulence of mainstream financial markets. We algorithmically calculate volatility minimizing crypto strategies through correlation based hedges to maximize the benefits of diversification.


We safeguard your portfolio, no matter what happens in the market and utilize our understanding of encryption to ensure the custodial security of funds. Our dedication to our approach helps prevent short-term thinking from impairing long-term performance.


Our specialist approach to alternatives is designed to give you the potential to make your whole portfolio more durable. While Exagon may comprise only a portion of your investment strategy, our rigorous and disciplined process may help you seek greater returns while managing risk responsibly.

Our Vision

Exagon’s vision is to create investment strategies that provide high-yielding, uncorrelated returns in a world of low-yielding, correlated assets.

Exagon and its partners have closely followed developments in Bitcoin and the multitude of proceeding Block Chain markets since shortly after the inception of the technology in January 2009. Exagon is led by the investment philosophy of John Zwick, who early recognized the investment potential of Block Chain markets while studying economics at the University of Chicago.

We trade by taking calculated risks. We manage accounts using strategies that can include technical, arbitrage, event or information driven, cyclic, and algorithmic. Our disciplined approach based on well over five years of technical research has guided our specialized investment success in frontier markets. Capitalizing on the meteoric increase in digital currency exchange rates, our strategy has outperformed all mainstream global investment indexes.

We have consistently achieved uncorrelated positive returns, offering an attractive product that provides managed exposure to a high-yielding market. We also believe that the liquidity we provide will potentially accelerate the enfranchisement of the billions who are financially under-served today. Our initial investment focus is on the Bitcoin market with complimentary interest in other alternative assets and Block Chain technologies with sufficient tradable liquidity.


Before Bitcoin, sequential electronic ownership of property on the internet didn’t exist. Bitcoin sparked the emergence of a new asset class designed in the image of limited resources, but existing as a highly transportable and divisible method of wealth transfer that circumvents the inefficiencies of middlemen or physical commodity stores of wealth. Low correlation with any other asset classes over its eight year history in combination with its anti inflationary mechanics, uniquely positions Bitcoin as an invaluable instrument for savvy investors looking for uncorrelated returns. Since it’s inception, Bitcoin has outperformed all other alternative investments while allowing portfolio managers to diversify the source of their returns.

Exagon’s expertise is understanding Bitcoin and other alternative Blockchain technologies with sufficient tradable liquidity to provide a unique uncorrelated value proposition. In a world where increasingly  interconnected financial markets make true statistical diversification more difficult, Bitcoin and Blockchain assets are emerging as the fastest growing asset class whose gains are not dependent on the factors underlying most investments.

Bitcoin and Blockchain are not just about money; that is just the most visible vector of disruption, and arguably its most potent, since money fuels the engine of human incentives.

Beyond its promise to be the first open source, stateless money, Bitcoin is also broadly redesigning the information architecture that underlies our world in ways that empowers its participants. Bitcoin’s Blockchain has ushered in unrestricted/uncensored peer-to-peer exchange,  secure identity, decentralized truth consensus, and record keeping validation, to name some of the leaps Bitcoin is responsible for.

The idea is that if we can build a transparent network of monetary exchange without the corruption and third parties, we can do it with just about anything. This includes how we trade, how we think about the voting process, how to end wars, and how to create prosperity within society.